IL2:BoS/M/K/etc Gunner AI Behavior in Multiplayer

To the three other IL2 players on this forum :grin: , have you had any issues getting the AI gunners to answer commands in Multiplayer? Even though I lock the position out from human players, I find it hit or miss as to whether or not the AI gunner will answer commands or shoot back. Also, I sometimes find that if I take the gunner position myself, I cannot get back to the cockpit (pilot alive and uninjured).

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I got it! I was locking out once airborne with apparently mixed results. Locking should be done at spawn.


Good to know, had gotten so use to locking out the second in spawn in from RoF , just will further reinforce me doing so.

I tend to not go into the β€œgunner” position much when flying the bombers but I do keep a cheat sheet with me regarding keyboard commands I can give the gunner in terms of range I want him to shoot at, types of targets etc. Makes managing them a heck of a lot easier.