Im in T.A.R.G.E.T. Hell

Hi All,
I have been using the WT HOTAS since it first came available. I use the TARGET software and in essence, I really like it. So far, I find it has more functionality than I can muster brain cells for. Press a button it does that, release it, it does another… Loads of wonderful stuff. However, this simple thing has been kicking my behind for years now. I cant program two part commands to my stick. i.e. Shift T or Alt B. If I do, the game only picks up the Shift or Alt part but not the T or B part. The event tester shows the command as the whole thing i.e. Shift T or Alt B, but the game frustrates my efforts.
The way I program things in DCS is way different. I also use a Shift key on the throttle and a Ctrl key on the Stick. This gives me flexibility but makes programing very complicated. Now I want to program aircraft using the default commands but I cant.
If there is a TARGET guru out there, consider this an S.O.S.

Have a great day and don’t forget to have fun.


Maybe someone can help me out by posting a profile?


If you’re getting the results you want in the event viewer, then the problem may be the game itself. For which game are you trying to create a profile?

Another thing I like to do sometimes if the game doesn’t recognize the standard combo (e.g. L_SHIFT+‘y’) is create a chain with a small delay, e.g. CHAIN(L_SHIFT,D(10),‘y’). Sometimes that delay is enough to make sure the game recognizes the modifier before the keystroke.

Hey guys,
Thanks for the assist. I will try this. I am talking DCS. I’ll post my findings

WOW, Weird stuff is happening. When I program Shift +1 and a delay, I can see it in the editor but not in the game commands, but it works as Shift+1. This makes programing very confusing. Think I will throw in the towel now. I don’t want to program things I cant see. DCS is insane at times.

you may also want to increase your KBPress and KBDelay values for DCS. I use 50 and 60 repectively, but with the Hornet I’ve increased that manual delay to 200ms. You may want to try 100 and 110.

Thank You. How do you find that value? Is that in TARGET or in DCS?

That’s a TARGET value that normally shows up before int main(). Here’s about what it should look like:
int KBDelay=60;
int KBPress=50;

You are talking about scripting. I finally am on to you :slight_smile: I tried the CHAIN Delay thing but it would not work.
Why is the Thurstmaster WT so popular if it don’t work out the box as its supposed to? This is mad. I am looking into your last post…
Once again, thanks for hanging in there…