Dear all,

With the release of the AV-8B today, it is import to know that this will be the first DCS World product that uses our new protection system. Rather than use StarForce keys, we are moving to a “keyless” system which binds your purchase to your username, and NOT a key. You will not need a constant internet connection either. The new system will just “phone home” after a four day period or the next time you log into DCS World.

This new system will also provide benefits for Steam users and Gifting. Once those details are worked out, we look forward to sharing them with you.

We strongly believe that this will make protection of your DCS World products much more simple. At a later point, we hope to apply this same protection system to all of our other modules.

Also, the AV-8B release today is for the Open Beta version of DCS World. Please make sure you use this version and that you update it today.

We must release all new aircraft modules on the Caucasus map first as not everyone may operate one of the DCS 2.1 maps. We don’t believe it fair to force customers to purchase one of these maps to fly their new aircraft. We do though plan to update DCS 2.1 for the AV-8B in the next one to two weeks.

The Eagle Dynamics Team


Nice move!
Will the older modules be transferred over to this system as well?


F-111@dcsworld/bogusheadbox does have a certain ring to it!

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Wait, no activation/deactivation counting anymore???

That would be immensely cool since that’s always a damn hassle when you get a new PC, especially if you have lots of modules (like many of us I guess)

The goal is to convert everything to this system eventually yes.



If they ditch StarForce, I might actually try DCS!

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This is what 777/1CGS does with RoF/BoX, not to mention it’s how Steam, Uplay, and Origin do it, and I think it a great improvement.

The existing way is just archaic.


Yup, they are trying to update the foundation of the sim while still letting us play it, so stuff takes time, but they know where it needs improvements for sure.


Concur, was thinking exactly the same!

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This is good news, and looks like a nicer system. I think if it brings the Steam offering back to parity with stand-alone, in terms of how the keys/accounts are handled then that’s a very good thing as well.

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Plus, it’s probably a lot cheaper for ED in the long run, creates less support overhead (hopefully) and if well done it should make it easier to deal with scam resellers.


Oh neat! Congrats with your new system ED!

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So, it sounds like maybe we will also be able to reach the point where we can sell/trade our modules again. At least eventually.

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Most likely yes, although you can still do this somewhat by contacting support and they can help transfer for you.

And within reason as well, if an account is doing this a lot, I am sure it wont be allowed. ED wont allow the selling of keys for a profit, much of this was put in place to stop that. Not saying you, but just saying… basically, the ability to gift a key.

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Great to read this.

Xmas is coming, you know what I mean guys :wink:

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Please excuse my scepticism, but does that really mean I can install (not play of course) DCSW on two computers at once?
If yes that’s the best change in DCSW in a long long time and really a reason for even me to get excited!

My understanding is you could already do that with SF provided you used two activations.

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Really?? Lol. I kinda expected it would somehow deactivate the other copy so I never tried in order to not kill all my activations (I lost quite some because if hardware changes and forgetting deactivations so I was really careful with spending those).