Impromptu Blue Flag AAR



I got to the Blue Flag Lobby, I’ve taken a look at the Widget so I know which planes are available…for the life of me cannot find the chat area…or is that in the radio thingy?


Left Control and Tab will open the chat window in the Blue Flag Lobby I believe.


Yep, it’s default keybinds for chat in dcs.

Just an added note. If you press it again it changes chat from “all” to “side specific” . Good to know on blue flag as many a secret mission plan has been accidentally transmitted to the enemy on “all chat”


LOL!…errr…wait, not LOL…I’ve seen it happen (sort of) in the real world. :open_mouth:


I am regularly on the Blue Flag servers (mostly enjoying the Persian Gulf map). Hope to see some of you there!


So, as brave as I felt due to my practice with the harrier last week I opted for a exercise of futility at the Caucasus server, about 20 people per side tonight evenly matched with all the legit worry one might have.

The Harrier is a fine aircraft, plenty of weapons you can carry, a nice targeting pod, plenty of counter measures and a big ol’ RWR display(well if you select it).

I spawn at Guadata, a safe Blue base(Red vs Red, Blue vs Blue, it’s I against I, and me against youuuu) and opt to leave the default loudout of 2 mav’s, 2 aim-9’s and 6 GBU’s behind. Going with a little more balance, one AIM-9, one AGM-122, 2 AGM-65G’s and 4 mk-82’s, if I feel cheeky enough to finish this off in one go. A targeting- and gunpod finish of the daft loadout of "pure glory and victory for Snark"™.

So, with a freshly renewed and undeserved self appreciation I kickstart the engines, toss the chocks away, and anger the ground crew by pulling the Ground Power plug from it’s soft cradle. woops… I opt to go left, when right was the… right choice. Woops again. Oh well, NWS is on and full left pedal is the best course of act… oh wait, there’s the right wing hitting the ground…

That was a bad start, but it can only get better as they say so I swing her around and taxi to what is the runway, with a bit of a limp on the right side. Some engine power and left rudder get’s me rolling in roughly the runway heading, and a dash of 60N on the hud plops me right into the air. Nozzles go forward again, air goes backwards, and I set course for the enemy FOB that I plugged into the EHSD/INS system and select it as my first waypoint. It’s a quick dash over the border so I should be good.

On route I see a RWR message coming up from a lone MK2 that pops up now and then but never shows up in my area. No much else happens.

Arriving at the target zone I realize that the coordinates are roughly correctly due to the decimal conversion of the INS system, so the FOB sits in a valley instead of on top of a mountain as my WPT tells me, although I sort of presume this anyways.

I swing the TGT pod around and opt to stay in the valley, this gets me a bit too close though and guns and IR missiles unload at me. I get off scott free and set myself up for another run.

Rats, the IRMV won’t uncage… okay so I forgot to get it warmed up in time(I thought i had done that already by selecting them though). Another go, nop just more missiles flying my way but no ripple of that sweet sweet swooshieboomie that is slung under my wing.

Third time’s a charm they say but alas not for me, I forgot to unselect the TDC of the TGP and didn’t get a hit.

At this point I figured that no enemy fighters were going to show up so I stay just above the mountains, giving myself a little bit more time for an attack run. I slew the TGP on the SA-6(I think) and manage to select the IRMV in the left MPCD, the missiles locks and let’s go, just as the Shizilka’s find me with their radars and I bravely run away once more. A little happy column of smoke tells me succes! I now directly select the mav and target through that since I am close enough to visually identify the AAA units in the FOB.

Well, I did see them and unleash the second maverick, but another IR missile unit hid itself in the trees and explodes close enough to me to set off all sorts of warning bells. A quick bash on the MASTER CAUTION shuts it up and I appear to be still flying and still have engine power. the JPTL is damaged though… hmm.

I set course home calling it a day and opt for a light landing, dumping the MK-82’s on the way home. The landing didn’t go too well, with the engine not being able to deliver enough power for a VSTOL landing, and the broken landing gear not being able to keep me going straight, so I end up smacking the ground at about 500ft/s, perhaps a little less. Some fire breaks out but is quickly extinguished by cutting off the fuel and thus ends the reign of my harrier.

All in all, a tremendous success! :wink:


Nice revival @TheAlmightySnark.

Perhaps its time to pressure the mudspike-ians into blue flag to get the nerves off and get the hang of it. Definitely a good thing to do before the eventual “disturbance in the force” as the whole of dcs community (apart from @Troll in his viggen) will be running tomcats.


I could be convinced… I’ve been itching to F-15 lately, mayhaps Bogus if you are around could hop on and do some Eagle/Mirage integration?


I will be out and about for a bit today but would definitely be up for some blue flag tonight!! I can be pretty accurate with a MK-82 now and a harrier but some good ol’ cover from the fine mudspikians above would excite me beyond reason! :wink:


Will be on later after kids and dinner + food and fresh air to kill the hangover


That’s a wise course of actions indeed!


Yeah. I could be talked into that too. Got a busy week ahead of me right now, but after the first week of November I should get some free(er) time…


@TheAlmightySnark I would Harrier with you as well. I will tune up my SRS this morning and take a few laps around the weapon range.


I assume Bluefor for everyone here currently?


Don’t underestimate the power of the red side.


Guess it’s time for me to get SRS…


For those that want simple radio, get it :f111: HERE :f111:

Simple radio is now even more simpler. It will now auto connect to most servers. Just open simple radio, join a DCS multiplayer server and simple radio will detect and connect automatically.


Unfortunately I’ve got some real world stuff to attend so I am not sure at what time I will be in this evening… I shall bugger people in the sociability rooms if the situation calls for it.


Bogus can you talk a bit about these two screens - just some tips maybe on how you set up your controls to talk the radios-

Edit: I feel like I don’t need PTT mapped. With the Radio button acts as PTT set to on, I think I can just push Radio 1 or 2 and start talking, right?


I’m up on TS and installing SRS now, if anyone wants to give it a go.