Impromptu Blue Flag AAR




First screenie is more important. Just about to have dinner so just a quick reply.

on your first screen to start off you only need to map either to keyboard or hotas.
Radio 1, radio 2, radio 3.

These buttons select on srs which radio you want to use. Its plane dependant depending how many radios your plane has. (Some planes may not have 3 radios)

Then map PTT. This maps your actual Push To Talk button (to transmit)

Intercom select not needed unless you are flying a bird (like the tomcat with a real person in the back)

Second screenie is effects you can have in game. Just play around with that… i will be on later to go through other stuff if you need it.

Sorry its short, hope that helps


Well, just tried to give SRS a shot on the Blue Flag PG server. Got it all set up and connected fine, but I seemed to be on hot mic. My PTT is mapped to a button, but even with it off I was evidently broadcasting. More troubleshooting is necessary, evidently.


This is indeed the other way to use SimpleRadio. What @Bogusheadbox describes is a single set of controls for all DCS modules. For completeness, Radio 3 should be included because some planes have 3 radios.

What @Tankerwade does, is use the in-game radio comms buttons to select a radio, and then tell SRS to use those as push-to-talk. The advantage being that you may already have those buttons in your HOTAS profile and can have them placed differently for different modules, the disadvantage is that the in-game comms menu pops up when you start talking, and disappears when you start talking again.

Then there is also the choice of using only 2 or 3 Push-to-talk buttons and no radio select buttons at all


Some airframes like the mi-8 won’t work with the radio select buttons as you have to use the radio select dial in the actual cockpit to select the radio you wish to talk on.

It probably sounds more complicated that it actually is.

[edit] on mudskpike TS now if anyone wants some help. My belly is full.


@Bogusheadbox and I harrassing Bandar Lengeh (with the help of @Tankerwade and @SierraAlphaMike)

@Tankerwade speeding off to join the fray.


I am thoroughly drunk and in no way capable of properly piloting a combat aircraft unfortunately, I wish you all good luck for this night!


No worries. Bogus followed me for thirty miles, observed my wing waggle of fraternal friendship, and still teamkilled me. It sort of killed the mood :cry:

Also server resets.


IFF Lies. Lets not focus on the bad things and instead on the helicopter section of todays fun


Good times! There’s a reason helo raids are best done in the dark!


Awww, need a hug?


Just a quicky.

Flying for the reds, who show as the blue team, but uses red frequencies on srs. All a tad confusing.

Anyhow, a well executed attack with a GCI and good comms showing the best what blue flag can offer.

Starting from Bandar, i can see on the widget that Abu Musa has already been neutralised and needs to be captured. I load up with anti-tank troops and a repair crate and head south.

About half way there i check in with Magic (GCI) and inform of my intentions. He advises that there is already a host of helo’s in for the capture and they are ahead of me. Requesting a re-task, Magic formulates a plan to capture Siri next. I am given bearing and distance to Siri and Magic tasks a stream of attack aircraft to start preparing for my arrival.

I can hear over comms that the helos already capturing and repairing Abu will make way shortly to aid in Siri. Good to have some help !!! With autopilot engaged and skimming the wave tops i keep a handy eye out for enemy aircraft. Over the comms i hear that intel has been gathered at Siri by another comrade and hence a high altitude bomber has been spawned to pumel the targets intel has found. This provides another game play aspect where we need to protect the bomber to ensure it can do its business.

Magic gives updates on the bombers progress and its clear i will make landfall at siri before the bomber. I hold off the coast in a hover waiting for the destruction. In the meantime Magic pulls the ground pounders off siri to allow for no friendly casualties from the bomber.

Message pops up that bombs are away, and its only a short wait as the bombs impact all over the island. I call my move and start inching towards the airfield using what cover i can. Ground pounders are tasked back in and they confirm some AA is still remaining.

Anther helo joins and drops off a jtac on the other side of the island and aids the ground attack aircraft. All this action is bringing in blue fighters and Magic is doing a good job co-ordinating ground attack and air defense.

Magic then sees near my position some AA. At the same time my door gunner opens up and i cross behind a building for cover as bullets wizz by. I am kind of stuck here in a hover hiding until he is dispatched. With some enemy units still nearby magic informs of a heading that should be clear towards the airfield. I pull out of cover and start jinking between buildings and trees and then it happens…

A loud bang, some heavy shaking, the hip doesn’t want to play. All i can think of is the trees and buildings i am skirting through and try my best not to hit them as the hapless MI-8 comes to a firm rest in a small clearing. I have no idea what shot me, but magic and I had no idea it was there.

Hard landing aside, it looks like efforts are rewarded by no casualties on board. The order is given for the troops to deploy and handed over to the control of magic. At the same time i drop my repair UAZ.

Close to the boundary of the airfield, i watch the battle unfold as jets and explosions erupt near our position. We have taken siri. But there is still work to do and i can still play my part. Calling over the radio Magic is told of my repair UAZ’s position. He quickly dispatches a huey to collect it which aids in the re-enforcements of the island.

Here i sit watching all things unfold. I tell you, Blue flag can certainly provide some very good gameplay.


The team that coordinates wins in Blue Flag. Nice going!


A little thought from a different perspective this time and no pics sorry.

Yesterday I tried my hand at GCI and it was a bit of an eye opener. After a little while of getting to grips with where the players are, I started settling into the job and I must say I have a different view of the workload involved when people take this slot.

I feel sometimes there has been a bit of a poo-pooing towards those operating GCI and now I will think twice before my eyes roll back from poor information given from GCI.

The good
Its great when you as GCI can see inbound enemy on friendly and you awake the friendly to the threat and they either escape or successfully engage the bandit. Its also satisfying when you task a co-ordinated effort to overtake an objective or get units to successfully bolster defences and detection units.

The bad/frustrating.
If you start getting overrun by the enemy the GCI’s situational awareness drops significantly. Sometimes you can’t see enemy on radar until they are on top of a friendly unit, sometimes never see them at all. Its also hard and frustrating when you can see a bandit running in on an unsuspecting friendly from 50 miles but the friendly isn’t on SRS and not reading chat. You just haplessly watch the impending doom. Sometimes you can vector a friendly on comms to intercept, sometimes you can’t. Sometimes that friendly you send to help the guy not on comms gets whacked trying to be the good guy.

Its a fun role to play and I recommend anyone playing blue flag to give it a go if you can to understand the limitations of being a GCI. Like any intel (waiting for @Hangar200 to elaborate on or share some info on) its never 100% complete. But the hardest part of being a GCI is NOT KNOWING how complete your info is.

So my turn as GCI. Decent amount of people on both teams and I started working blue to try and capture Dubai international. We were doing well, then the enemy hit back with a monsterous co-ordinated attack.

I saw the tables turn and went from plan A to just trying to keep as many friendlies alive as I could. I think in that session of a few hours as GCI, I saw many facets of the role and now appreciate further the importance of a GCI and how tough the job is.

I guess what I am saying is, understand GCI’s never have a complete picture, they can’t see everything sometimes they see nothing. Cut them some slack its a tough and important job. But most importantly, get on comms, it may save your butt or at the very least keep an eye on the chat box. GCI WILL try and save you

[edit] Forgot to mention. Even though i wasn’t the hottest GCI to ever grace Blue flag (my first time doing it), when i logged off to take a break, i was thanked by several players who appreciated the effort. The one thing i like about blue flag is most of the people on understand and are tolerant of inadequacies


Being GCI at blue flag is trying to play a game of chess, but you don’t know what the board will look like, what pieces you have, or if there even is an enemy at all. I personally love it, but it’s not for everyone I admit.


How can I refuse an invitation like that! :sunglasses:

Truer words have never been spoken…err…posted that is. Intel is NEVER 100%. To be a good Operational Intel (OPINTEL) analyst you must accept that fact and NEVER WAIT to get more intel before making a time critical “call”.

That said, you “stack the deck” with what we call Intel Preparation of the Battlespace (IPB). Sounds cool but really it is just learning as much as you can about your adversary/enemy–OOB, routine ops, proficiency, normal CAP stations and alert status, flight and attack profiles, etc.–before you “stand the OPINTEL watch” so you know what to expect.

From an intel perspective, real time support to a GCI controller is something we call I&W (Indications and Warning). Essentially intel passes warnings to the GCI on anything that might be coming their way, before it hits their radar. In the Navy I have run such intel watch centers and have also worked in the USAF equivalent…much the same as the Navy but with better coffee…and croissants. How we do all that is of course classified.

I will definitely have to jump into Blue Flag to see what it is like. It sounds like fun. However, it also sounds like there may be no “I&W” information available that can be exploited in game in real time. Hmmm… perhaps there is some IPB that can be done before a Blue Flag event kicks off. Basically AOB–what aircraft and how many are at which airfields. With info like that a GCI would have threat sectors and know what should be coming from them. Just a thought.


Depends on the type of players I guess (if I understand what you mean by I&W)

Gci only sees what is detected. You can ask for extra EW radars to be placed or have reports from players on items you can’t see. But again, if players are not on srs, it can limit a gci’s knowledge

I suppose if you want to be groovy there are multiple Gci slots,. You can hello in a jtac or a tank and a person can mount that vehicle skirting through towns and forests pointing out unseen adversaries.


You actually have access to this info via the slot menu. You can see which enemy slots are taken and from which airfield/farp. It is a key piece of information as gci or as a pilot, as it gives a good idea of intentions.