Impromptu Blue Flag AAR



“Look at Ekran”

‘icing on your rotors’

Is what that translates to I reckon.


After recapturing Kazbegi and Kobuleti, I thought it’d be fun to go attack Batumi which was defended by a couple of Redfor jets. I managed to capture the base and kill a rearming Frogfoot in one fell swoop.


No…I think she is saying,
“You never take me out anymore

I want to go dancing”

Which is why I tend to ignore it…



Gee @near_blind, the sound of the rotors had me hypnotized. That is until your victory chant at the end snapped me out of it. Scared the ■■■■ out of me!


I have my SRS piped to my headset, and nvidia doesn’t pick it up. Someone had just asked me what the status at Batumi was and I was bragging while pumped full of adrenaline. There was a MiG-21 up that I had just watched shoot down three friendly fighters. I was expecting the unobserved R-60 at any moment.


Shame - it missed the chorus of “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.” after your victory yell. :smiley:


Yeah, we made it bro ! We captured this piece of send … errr hide the flag patch next time, nobody needs to know that we are ’ advising ’ here :slight_smile:

One hint for helo pilots. There is realy nice route if you folow that river bed from Chahestan to Seyahu. Realy fun ride.