Inside "The Bone"

A very odd filming technique/hardware…


It feels like it has been filmed through a photo camera that cannot have image stabilization on when filming. The angles and soft focus don’ t help it much either. Still quite interesting though.

Its an amazing looking bird. IIRC didn’t they say its the most “expensive” bird in regards to maintenance hours per flight hour ?

I’m not sure…but it wouldn’t surprise me. Looked to me that the starter switch for engine #4 requires a little wiggle to keep engaged…LOL…each plane has its quirks.

really love that bird :heart_eyes: I considered buying her for FSX many, many times…

I once saw her doing a low pass going quadruple full burner 30m AGL at the Berlin Air Show.

Loved it. Other residents were p*ssed off and I think she was banned after that stunt :sunglasses: