Interesting read from the BBC regarding the Hawker Hurricane

Had a few tidbits I wasn’t aware of, and in general always nice to see a decent aviation article in the general press.

The forgotten fighter plane which won the Battle of Britain - BBC Future


That was a great article. So many interesting things I didn’t know about. I was particularly struck by the fuel tank problem and the burns pilots suffered. So much they had a special town which helped disfigured pilots cope with their injuries. The people of East Grinstead are heroes in my book; known as “the town that didn’t stare”. That doctor that put all that together, another hero.

I read that article at lunch. Great read!
And second what RedBravo said.

Wish I could remember where I saw the article but in the article a Russian pilot who flew the Hurricane during WW2 was not all that enamored with them, mainly due to their flammability.

Good read @jenrick.