Interesting visitor to RAF Lossiemouth in NE Scotland last few days

Been reported in local news, a good friend sent me some pictures first though, apparently and because of the Pandemic, Martin Baker who make good ejections seats as we all know are using our local base for seat testing … very cool learning they still used an old Gloster Meteor for this and was a surprise to me for sure, it flys with no rear canopy and a dummy in the rear bang seat for testing and data from ejection is recovered, even from the sea … I was heart warmed to see one of these old Jets still flying this way, she looks very well maintained as you would expect from a company like Martin Baker, there must have been cheaper options to test ejection seats … perhaps there is more to this chosen Aircraft than we all know? Wouldn’t be surprised :slight_smile:


That meteor is based about 10 miles from me. O deliver in there almost weekly. A Great bunch of guys.
They will not take any bribes and nothing I do will let me get inside that meteor. Believe me I’ve tried.

All jokes aside. I am deeply fascinated with MB


I figured it would be cheap to maintain, given that it’s a simple plane with not much going on inside of it and will probably not be too bothered by the ejection seat system and lack of canopy.

This thread has some interesting speculation, though some of it is sourced the sources are paywalled.


Thanks for that TheAlmightySnark, interesting reading there.

When the Buccaneer Jets were retired from RAF Lossiemouth, got invited to Friends and Family RAF shindig … sort of local farewell thing for a little Airshow of the Buccs and good display of them all at this base for the last time, my ex Dad was RAF, but locals are proud of the local base up here and support them too … must share my pics of that here someday … but upshot of that was, the Buccaneers got scrapped in my local town as most retired jets do of course, me and my my pal knew local scrappie owner, so we went a looking, there were several intact Martin Baker ejection seats there just looking for a good home, disarmed of course, we asked how much each … guy said £15 each , not joking, so we both went home with Martin Baker ejection seats, was surprised to find that even from the same Jet, MB seats for the Buccaneer differed slightly, Nav seat had a more flayed out seat area than Pilots seat … fascinating tech to take home and study for sure, gave it away to another local enthusiast a while ago as moved from one home to this one with less space.

I was also impressed about how heavy they were, everything is made as light as possible in Aviation of course without compromising strength, but these seats were seriously heavy, took two of us to lift into van at scrap yard and then into our houses, it made me appreciate the power and massive shock it must take to eject something this weight to a safe altitude for a Human to use a parachute and survive … I love tech like this :slight_smile:

Apparently Martin-Baker has saved the lives of more than 7,500 aircrew members over the years, that is quite an astonishing accolade to the company that rarely gets recognition.


Yeah… Imagine overhauling those old engines.
Cool that they keep it though!

MB seems to be the gold standard for crew escape systems, these days. Even SAAB use them in the Gripen. SAAB were one of the pioneers in the business, with their catapult seat for the J-21. They designed their own seats for all their aircraft up until the Gripen.


They have a BUNCH of zero time engines in storage


REALLY?! Wow…!
That’s military surplus for you… :wink:

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They provide maintenance to the few meteors left flying on the airshow circuit. Well they definitely provide the parts at least and I’ve seen the display ones nipping in and out occasionally


@Troll they bought a surplus amount of meteors and parts in the 80’s from the RAF, apparently they are set for a while if their statements are to be believed.

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