Introducing Einstein to TAC

I’ve been lamenting over my lack of tactical formation training/experience, and I always seem to miss the fun stuff that happens on Tuesday Night Flight Night: @near_blind, @Fridge, @Tyco, @Tankerwade, @klarsnow, and @AeroMechanical seem to be having a great time, but Things Just Keep Happening®.

Luckily, stars aligned, and @AeroMechanical was able to take me up for an introductory flight. There was no formal flight plan, brief, or even training curriculum, just get up and fly.

The aircraft of choice was RAZBAM’s most excellent Mirage 2000C. In addition to being one sexy beast of an aircraft, RAZBAM continues to amaze with the depth of system’s modeling and the finer touches like the flashlight that follows your mouse cursor. Brilliant.

So pretty.

The flashlight tool is just brilliant. I hope it makes in to ALL DCS modules as a standard feature.

My M2000C startup is a little rusty, but thankfully I have @AeroMechanical’s checklist to get me going quickly.

“Do I open the bottle of wine now? or after we’ve broken bread?”

The section takeoff is uneventful (whew) and things start to happen a little quickly, as they always do in flight.

Before I know it though, I’m making tac turns and generally keeping position pretty well.

Well, keeping position well for a first-timer.

Aero runs me through a couple crank and press drills, a “lead you got one on your tail!” drill, and, with masterful timing and a believable and incredibly natural delivery, puts us through a lost wingman drill. It almost felt like it happened naturally! Just brilliant!

Before I knew it, we were bingo and began our recovery back home.

“Kobuleti, Nugget flight is 20 miles to the north, inbound with information YEEHAH.”

Close formation flying is tough, but you can practice some of the basics (station keeping, cross-unders) in DCS single player missions with an AI wingman. Unfortunately, practicing tactial formations is impossible with the current AI, so I’m thankful @AeroMechanical had some time to show me the ropes. I’m looking forward to joining up with the rest of the crew sometime to get some more tac flying in.