Is the scale of these pilots correct?

I’m interested in the Colimata F/A-18F Super Hornet for X-Plane…but in looking at the screens and video…does it not appear that the pilots in the cockpit look too small?

Yes they are too small.

Also that things fight model makes the fsx acceleration hornet look like a masterpiece. I went from stationary to supersonic within the length of the runway. Add in cockpit visuals that look like a abacsa module for fs9…

$25 for that?


I cant be a part of body shaming those two vertically challenged pilots… nope nope.


Ti’s a shame how much they can get away with price-wise when it comes to addons.

Well, the list of features seems fairly compelling…and the internal cockpit doesn’t look that bad

Hmm…I’ll have to do more research…

And the 3D model texturing looks pretty darn cool…

Those pilots do look small. Perhaps a possible ‘Iron Hornet’ upcoming movie tie-in, with Louis Gossett Jr mentoring a pair of seven year old twins?

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Maybe it’s a PLAAF Hornet. Or the Little People / Big World son got his wings and he’s giving his Mom an incentive ride. Yeah.

then that’s extremely selective marketing on their part. the DDI’s and HUD look like they came straight out of 13 years ago.

I’ll put it this way. Outside of the people who actually flew and worked on carriers, I’m probably the biggest, most desperate naval fanboi on the forums. I flew that thing once, and only once. I was thoroughly underwhelmed in every facet of the flight. The parts of the cockpit you look at most in the hornet, the HUD and DDIs were awful. The flight model felt like my warthog was having a seizure and the engine was somehow transcribing that into flight control commands. It was just bad.

Interesting. Was it released in beta and have they been improving it? Well that’s kinda depressing. Maybe I’ll pick it up on a half off sale if they ever have one.

I have no clue. I bought the jet two weeks back.

This video (ironically from the same guy who I didn’t like one of his other videos recently)…shows the pit…it doesn’t look that bad…or is it just good lighting…(lol…reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where he’s dating the girl that sometimes looks good and sometimes looks bad depending on the lighting…)

I am a graphics snob. That said the HUD is not colliminated. The symbology is mis-sized and just flat out incorrect for both it, the MFDs, and the engine/fuel display. Everything from the front panel back look okay, but that those mfds… ick.

If it flew properly I could forgive all of these things. But it doesn’t.

No problem…just collecting info to decide on a (future) purchasing decision. It did get some sort of update a couple weeks ago:

Ack…another horrible developer video! Why? Oh why?? I think it is running like 6FPS…

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It’s not even the relaxed system depth that bugs me. It just seems like in certain areas he didn’t try or just said “close enough.”

I mean the HSI is just a generic display, the UFCD leaves a lot to be desired, and what’s with the four digit speed on the HUD??

Not to mention, like @near_blind mentioned, the flight modeling looks… suspect.

I understand not everyone has a copy of NATOPS on their computer but there’s glaring errors here.

I know, I’m picky. But when you see the quality of some free projects, like Dino’s stuff, it’s hard to justify how a product like this charges money.

@near_blind and @boomerang10

It got an update yesterday:

Even still…just scanning through the documentation this module looks pretty weak. I might pick it up on sale at some point…but it would have to be a good sale…

Need side shot to compare.

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