It will never be the same again

Today I surprised my five year old son with a second wireless X-Box PC controller - and multiplayer split screen gaming. :smiley:

We fired up DIRT Showdown and spent an hour learning how to play it (neither of us knew any of the controls)…

I’ve been waiting for this for 5+ years…LOL…!

So I let him win three races…and he’s actually doing pretty good. Then Mommy came home from work and we are getting ready to do “homework” and eat dinner, so I went ahead and squeaked ahead and won the last race…

And a meltdown ensued…LOL… So no more racing until he decides he can lose with a better attitude…haha…

So I have some other split-screen MP games I’m looking forward to playing with him (mostly racing stuff…no violent games or shooting stuff until he is much older). I think Flatout or some version of it might have split screen, and Crash Time, and maybe Grid or Grid 2… Should be fun. Just gonna have to keep a box of tissues handy…




That’s really nice.

He’s a bit too old for Counter Strike now, but the tears mean he would fit right in! :smile:

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I see what you did there…

@BeachAV8R remember… let the wookiee win :smile:

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Oh…and it was all down hill after that. So he snuck his bookbag up to his room after we got home apparently (remember, he’s only in Kindergarten) and this evening I went hunting for it to see what he had for homework. Homework for Kindergarten consists of tracing the letter O six times (yay!). But in his homework folder is his daily status report was “yellow” (meaning he was warned) instead of green. LOL…apparently he had snipped another kid’s paper with his scissors. When I picked him up from school…I asked him how he did and if he had stayed on “green” and he lied and said yes. So he got iPad and, now PC racing, taken away for a couple days. Sigh…punishing me too…LOL…

Well our parents always told us it would hurt them more than it would hurt us… they were right :wink:

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You have to take a shot with him on Minecraft. Nothing better than surviving that first night together in a crappy house built by two in split screen. My boy would start to panic for the safety of our shack whenever the sun began to go down.

Good times

Yeah, go with a Co-op game instead of schooling him with your mad racing skills :smiley:

Any of the Traveller’s Tales Lego games are ideal for this. The puzzles aren’t that hard, and it’s pretty difficult not to make progress. A young assistant can be useful just to run around and destroy bricks. They are ideal young/old co-op titles. The very early ones like Star Wars Complete are a little harder, but anything recent will be just a fun play through.

Good call, the Lego games are a blast, and lots of co-oping for sure…

Curious about your face when the boy wins for the first time without you letting him win, Beach. :wink:

Just use one of those face swap apps and that is it…LOL…

Awww, how cool!
I am sure he will learn to have fun in games even when he loses. An important lesson lots of people don’t learn, judging by my own online experience…
I hope my daughter will also like to play games with me at some point in the future. That will take a few years though, she’s only five months old now. :smiley:

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Five months…surely she’s ready for the Silent Hill series by now! :see_no_evil:

Dunno, I think it would be boring for her.
Sometimes she looks at the TV when my wife watches while ironing or something like that, and the stuff on German TV in the afternoon is MUCH scarier to me than Silent Hill. My daughter doesn’t even flinch. :smiley:

Oh…that’s right…Germans…

Sounds like a good idea. We have Minecraft PE on my iPad and on his Kindle - but haven’t tried MP survival mode yet. Definitely going to check that out…

@fearlessfrog - Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into that. I’d definitely like to have some type of adventure game that is light on violence, but something we can play over the course of 30 minutes a night for a few weeks.

Anyone else have any split screen MP suggestions? I’ll be able to do LAN play at the house eventually (I can do it now…I just don’t want him on his own computer yet)…


Need For Speed 2 :wink:

MicroMachines V4

My son and I have been playing a ton of Toybox Turbos…fun stuff…

dont know this one, but I have lot of sweet memories about NFS2 and MM.

the splitscreen/LAN style of MP gaming has something special to it what cant be matched by the online stuff :wink:

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