Italy at War!

Don’t be! You’ll get an invoice in the mail where you can pay for the extra bandwidth needed…


No, not really…

@fearlessfrog, will @komemiute stall the server…?

I think we are actually storing all our images and gifs on Jeff Bezos’ personal home network. Pretty sure.


Ok. Write up complete.
Next week is finally vacation time for me so I might even play some more.

Boy I love this game!

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I don’t think so, no. Image amount storage is pretty much infinite, as as @BeachAV8R say’s, he pays for AWS here, while really the only thing the server does is make a thumbnail for nicer bandwith/speedy viewing (you see the original if you click through). That can cause the server to sweat a bit, but it’s all low priority background stuff, so doesn’t break anything. It is a tiny server, but does ok. We’ll be up to 4 million ‘page views’ (we don’t really have pages, but close enough) on the forums here in the next week or so, so it’s been a trooper so far.


Yeah… I want a second opinion.

Will @komemiute stall the server with his screenshot bombardment?

@discobot fortune

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:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so


Ok. We need a server upgrade!

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Dibs on driving the trolley, you guys can sweat it out by dragging stuff from the shelves!

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Such relatable struggles…

Accurate depiction of trying to figure out the controls in Arma3

Unless you’ve done MOUT in Arma 1/2, there is no complaining about Arma 3.

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Guys… I wish I had this as a War Room to talk to all of you- my council.

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El Duce goes El Bumpo!


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You are not wrong…

Declaring war on the Axis is quite reasonably the only way to go.
I mean… It’s the end of 1942, the eastern front is no more, Africa never saw a proper battle, the far east is pacified (one way or another) and Western Europe is locked in a terrible (and seemingly unending) arm-wrestling contest…

My fear is the naval blockade that Germany can (and happily will) apply in the Mediterranean.
With no British involvement in Malta and North Africa I’m alone in my waters…
I built my economy not to depend that much from shipborne supplies but I still have troops oversea.

My plan now it’s simple, and quite frankly the only viable one.
1- Pull back all my forces home.
2- Save the fleet inside my ports.
3- Arrange my army up north in two lines- a medium strength Frontline and a stronger second line.
I’ll then arrange the rest of my troops in QRFs (Quick reaction force) to go and apply pressure should there be any weakening of that second line.
4- I have an abundance of airforce that will have to perform interdiction at all levels, against other planes and against ground troops.

All my army is technologically on-par and well trained, despite lack of real life combat.
They’ll do good, but the Germans are definitely more skilled and their officers have seen hell.

I should have done this a long time ago.
Yes, both in AND outside the game. :smiley:


You expecting any help from the Allies or do you think they will just let you twist in the wind?


I love reading HoI AARs. Bounced off the game two or three times. Too much fiddly things and no idea what direction to fiddle them into. So play on mate, looking forward to more weird alt history where Italy saves the world for democracy!