It's Victoria Day here in BC, Canada?

I’m sat here not working thinking it was Memorial Day in the US and how rude it was people had booked things on a vacation day, but just figured out that it is next week. Oops.

Same here on the East (better) coast.Beautiful day in New Brunswick :slight_smile:

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Hey! Welcome Fridge - thanks for helping us kick the tires on the new forum. Hopefully this will be good fun :sunny:

This is quite the forum software. I like how it presents everything. I am playing Arma3 with the SimHQ crew tonight. I will see if I can get some screenshots and do an AAR tomorrow.

Sounds great - yes, we’re still trying to figure everything out, but so far so good. It’s good in a ‘different’ sort of way so far…

Welcome aboard (again!) Fridge. Thanks for coming by and kicking the tires with us.

Yeah…Memorial Day is next week. I always know because my brother and his family come to stay at our house…fleeing the annual Biker Week in Myrtle Beach. I like motorcycles like anyone else…but a week of tens of thousands of those things roaring around can get on your nerves.

I’m off today and tomorrow too though… Advantages of a 4 on 4 off schedule…


Happy to be here!

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I keep getting Badges for clicking things. I can’t decide if this is a FisherPrice Activity Center simulator or more like Cub Scout Badge Sim 2015. :smiley:

My son has earned a lot of badges this spring. I get him these funny “Demerit Badges” after we go hiking:

He loves them!

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I thought that was a toilet roll on fire and was thinking what sort of message was that for, and then figured it out. Going out for stronger coffee…

LOL…that is a disturbing interpretation of that image…

He got a giggle out of this one he earned last week…

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