J35 Draken simulator at Ängelholm Sweden

Today I spent 4h in the J35J Draken simulator with a life time fighter pilot learning basic and advanced flight systems. GREAT DAY!

It uses Prepar3D and a 180 degree screen lit by 3 projectors.
The cockpit is a real cockpit from one of the discarded airframes. Most intruments and controlls work as in real life.

Great DAY!


Nice! :sunglasses:

Got any pics or videos to show us?

I have flown the Draken and Viggen sims at NovelAir in Gävle and the Viggen sim at F15 Museum in Söderhamn. Great fun!

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No pictures or film, I was there to fly and fly only. Learned a lot!
I am planing on flying the NovelAir Viggen simulator this year.

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The instructor gave me this link. If you have too much time on your hands.

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