Jetwashing used cryptocurrency gpus?

Whut the actual…

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If you dry everything off quickly and very carefully, that might actually be not that much of an issue. The bearings of all the fans might not be happy about this, though.

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The water is one thing, the force of the water pressure is another…
But hey, if they’re cheap enough.

Good point.
How common are ceramic bearings, in cooling fans, these days?

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Indeed, yet solder joints are oftentimes more mechanically durable than one would think.

I don’t think that ceramic bearings are used a lot due to cost and vibration. Good quality fans like the Noctua brand use oil-based self acting hydrodynamic bearings. I tmagine that those are very sensitive to contamination getting past a seal.

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I guess. But won’t the PCBs soak water…? Or is that a thing of the past? I remember my poor old Amiga 500 died from the PCBs soaking moisture after being stored in a basement for a couple of years.

I should’ve known that, only using Noctuas in my PC…! :wink:

Yeah, I’d imagine so too, and here’s where I think the pressure might be the problem. Not to mention the pressure on the fan blades and other plastic parts.

Anyway, it’s just speculations on my part. If the cards are cheap enough, one could buy several and just swap them as they die…
How are the prices on these ex mining cards, BTW?

Provided that’s clean water, not carrying any particulate matter that can be left behind on the cards. And the spray isn’t carrying existing dirt and dust to parts of the cards that are going to be much more harmful.

I think most PCBs are sealed these days, almost certainly all of the ones used in PC parts would be? Not that the sealing is designed to protect from pressure washing!

I have an old oscilloscope which is very nice, but does need a day in the house to dehumidify prior to use otherwise interesting things can happen :joy:

I use my air compressor to blow the dust out of my PC every once and a while … just did it yesterday as a matter of fact. Even then you have to make sure to drain the tanks of moisture and oil with the bottom release valve and make sure to not do it on a humid day … just blow it onto a paper towel first to make sure you’re not shooting any moisture.

I’d NEVER take my pressure washer to it! :smiley:


That’s actually a good point… they really don’t have some sort of compressor available?!

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