As previously mentioned I am having problems with my joystick or maybe not. I have been flying SU25T and have been having problems, namely my thrust is either all or nothing,I cant set it in between. I have taken it apart and cleaned it with brake cleaner then lubricated the moving parts. However it hasn’t made any difference. The Joystick is a bog standard Thrustmaster 4-buttons and thrust slider. Can anyone tell me if this is still a faulty Joystick or is it the game. I dont mind having to buy another Joystick its just that I really havn’t used it that much. With the SU25 I have had problems (In the air ) raising my landing gear, it sometimes dosn’t retract fully ,tried G but dosn’t respond , is this game really that full of bugs.I have noticed that unless you follow precisely the commands from Igor ( the training text ) you just cant carry on.

Hit your Windows key and type in USB Game Controllers, select the “Set up USB game controllers” option.

Double click on your joystick in the menu that pops up.

On this screen, move your throttle between max and idle. Does the axis bar move smoothly and correspond with your inputs?

If it moves as you’d expect in the properties window, it suggests that the throttle axis is bound incorrectly in DCS.

If you’re not seeing it respond normally, then there may be an issue with your joystick.

Not being able to raise your gear in DCS is typically due to overspeeding the gear or a hard landing. Not always the most realistic, just the most common cause I’ve seen in the game.


From memory the Su25t is extremely prone to jamming the gear when you overspeed it.
We keep mentioning it but it really is worth reading the manual for the planes included with the install as they will give you all the proper speeds and parameters of the aircraft you are flying. Just as you cannot jump in a real plane and start flying it, you have to treat these like you are flying a simulator and know the speeds and limits of the planes or you will have problems in the air. It truly is worth spending a few minutes reading to get the best out of the sim.
Especially when you move on to the harrier and hornet. The AV8B has a very narrow window for takeoff and landing and while you may get lucky a few times here and there, without reading the manuals and familiarising yourself with the controls, flight envelope and permissable weights you are really going to struggle with them to get consistent results with the aircraft.

Thanks Boomerang, Thats all it was simple config. Cheers

Come to think of it I think I was doing 650knots when I lowered my gear.

Yep just a simple config for the joystick and up and running, think I didnt apply last time I configured it. thanks for input.

I appreciate this is a whole new thing for you so I’m not judging.

But DCS is not a casual product.
It requires the user to build a lot of piloting skill and understanding of general characteristics of flight.

Reading that “gears don’t work, is this game so full of bugs?” it’s quite jarring.

This simulation, even in the simplified models like the SU 25, requires some learning, lessons and a lot of application.

I honestly suggest you to pair these “I’m just flying around to see how it goes” with something more structured like a proper lesson.

There’s PDF manuals in the game’s folders and included there’s some directions and ideas on how proceed with the approach to the included planes.

In any case a lot of us here on Mudspike are more than willing to give you pointers to YouTube videos that are real masterclasses even for the uninitiated.

Feel free to ask- but assuming that for each things you can’t manage, it must be a bug it’s a bit… harsh.


And just to add to that, the controller assignments in DCS is very good in that you can adjust shift states, axis respons and much more. But, the GUI is not the most intuitive. And every time you add a new controller to your PC, it will be auto assigned like it’s the only joystick you’ve got… It will suddenly assume control of pitch, roll, thrust and everything, even if you’ve already mapped those controls to another controller, already. That’s not the most charming aspect of DCS, to put it mildly. But once you master this, you can do almost everything with your virtual aircraft.


There are actually 2 versions of the Game Controllers app. A 32 bit and a 64 bit version.

I use the 32 bit version as it allows me to set the FFB options for my Logitech G27 wheel without using the Logitech profiler software.

The app is joy.cpl and the 32 bit version is normally placed in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. The 64 bit version is in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder.

You can locate it with the file explorer and Right click and drag it to desktop to add a shortcut for it there.

You can change the icon by Right clicking the shortcut, Press Change Icon…, Press Browse…, Change option to All files (.) and Double click joy.cpl, Double click the icon (It should now have changed in the Shortcut Properties window, Click OK.

You can chose other icons as well.
On this page you get the file names of several icons files native to Windows 10.

Happy Simming

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Thanks for the input Khan , and yes you are correct. I didnt realise the game would be that involved. My joystick now configured is acting correctly thanks to the fact that I saved its CFG ( with help from another member).Must admit I was overspeeding when I dropped the gear for a landing, same with flaps, so no wonder I couldnt land “properly”. I admit I jumped the gun and put it down to a bug as so many people have called this sim bug ridden. Yes, I suspected there maybe hidden PDF’s somewhere but why is this not explained, I would have thought this would have been in the menu’s. Someone had said read up the configs for each aircraft which I suspect is the Encyclopedia but this is very light-on, including this with the pdf’s I think would have been more pertinent. Thanks once again till my next rant.

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Didnt know about the one joystick response from the sim, but I am old style and dont think its a bad thing. I would have thought from the out set that a config file for the controller would have been saved in each game in the profiles. Havnt needed to change my config in the sim yet but think I know what you are saying and yes it dosnt look very intuitive. Thanks for your input.

Does the HUD always have to be light green. ( In other sims “mainly games” you can change the HUD to any colour you want). Or is this a normal colour because of the electronics or realism or both.???.

No problem whatsoever- I’m glad if piece by piece we can help you enjoying this game as mush as possible!

Feel free to ask- we’re here. :slight_smile:

I can add that the main Manual ( called DCS User Manual EN2020.PDF) is in the following folder:

\ your install HardDisk \ Eagle Dynamics \ DCS World \ Doc

That manual will have helped you, and probably can help you still, with a LOT of the main game basics.

Don’t be scared by the numebr of pages, approach it a page at a time and you’ll find a true treasure of informations!

In that same folder you’ll also find \Charts\ with the Visual Approach and Departure Charts for all the airports for the Caucasus map.

The real deal is the manuals for the plane you already have, the SU 25 that’s in the following folder:

\ your install HardDisk \ Eagle Dynamics \ DCS World \ Mods \ aircraft \ Flaming Cliffs \ Doc

It’s called SU -25 Flight Manual EN.PDF

or you can give a look, in the same folder at the DCS FC3 Flight Manual EN.PDF that has a bot of everything.


Happy reading- and as I said before, any doubt or question, we’re here.

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Just one other point. If you are flying the Su-25 … that speed on the HUD is in kilometres per hour.