Just Flight charging for freeware?

Hi Guys,

yesterday I bought the Camera Position X utility from Just Flight it wasn’t much, around $10 at normal exchange rates.
I know it’s quite easy to change camera views in the aircraft.cfg file - that’s what I’ve been doing up to now. But I thought it would make it quicker and easier, especially to hopefully find a better default pilot’s VC viewpoint for VR, using this ute.

When I opened the manual, it said the program is freeware. I’d heard mutterings along those lines previously, but had forgotten when I decided to buy it.

Anyone know the story here?

just tested and it does a very good job. I find it really irritating in VR, the default view is always well off what it ideally should be and also, if you change from the default VC view, when you go back it is invariably well off, too.

This utility makes it very easy to reset the camera viewpoint, whilst looking at it in the sim.

The default viewpoint you then get in VR is not exactly the same as the one you save in Camera Position X, but it is very close and can then be either fine-tuned, or used to fly. Some of the default views are impossible to fly from.