Just got back from seeing Annihilation...(please hide spoilers)

If you have spoilers - please use the spoiler tags to hide your text in case others peek in here prior to seeing the movie…

So that was an interesting movie. I was left a little:


It was a good date night movie though. Lots of interesting themes and a great cast of characters.

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The fact that this movie was directed (I think) by the same person who did Ex Machina really made me want to see this film and the previews looked very cool. I’ll probably end up seeing it when it comes to blu ray…

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Looking forward to this one myself since I’m such a fan of ex Machina.

I finally watched this and…
While I liked the production values and the writing it did give me -at the nearly end- a panic attack.
I’d say more but I’ll refrain.
I thoroughly enjoyed until I didn’t anymore.
Big time.

Worth a watch if you’re normal. :slight_smile:

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That rules me out. Thanks for saving me money. Ex Machina actually left me feeling similarly, perhaps to a lesser degree.

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Now that you mention it - the final 15 minutes of ExMachina were odd on me even though I couldn’t place it. Now, it does makes sense.
At least that was a movie I still managed to completely enjoy.