Keywords that = "no purchase"

So I got to thinking - I definitely have trigger words and phrases that will prevent me from purchasing a game because I know the adjectives describe a type of gameplay that I generally am not into. A couple of the words and phrases that make me instantly disregard:

Hordes of enemies
Frantic action
Waves of X (x = zombies, enemies, aliens, toddlers…)
Non-stop action
Challenging puzzles

I’m definitely type-cast in the games I play I guess…


Sometimes that describes the customer base of a game too :smile:

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DCS = Challenging ‘cockpit’ puzzles :wink:

some time back I was ‘sightseeing’ through the FSX/X-Plane stores wondering what depth of system simulation the warious modules offers and the phrase which stucked in my memory is:

Almost every system modeled :baby:

…but this cant be the go/no go for flight simulations :grinning:

Challenging puzzles? I am into that (The Incredible Machine, Contraption Maker, Portal 1+2). :smile:

For me there are no such keywords. Although I do judge games by their genres I guess. I have never played a game that has “Manager” in its title, for example. :smiley:

Call of duty
early beta

EA or UBI are my words

Sim games that brag about their “Newtonian Physics!” always make me wary. Normal physics is Newtonian—aka classical mechanics, as opposed to “Einsteinian” physics, or relativistic mechanics—so a simulator developer trying to hype their product as having Newtonian physics is like a used-car salesman trying to tout one of their products as having “a fully reciprocating engine, utilizing a four-stroke Otto cycle!”

Soooo…no flubber for you?

Actually in many cases (especially when talking about space ships) they just mean it is real physics, and not “planes in space” like in Star Wars, almost every movie or most games, including my beloved Wing Commander games.
But it sound weird if you write “contains physics” because people don’t get that Star Wars and most others actually don’t use real physics.
So I think it is OK to write “Newtonian physics”. It means conservation of momentum and no drag in space. Such things. I wouldn’t call it bragging, IMO that’s too hard on them.