Kojima's Death Stranding

Bought this yesterday and played a couple of hours last night and as usual, as it’s a Kojima game, you’ll either love it or hate it.
I love it so far - the strange, beautiful world (it really is the best looking game on PS4); strange, interesting characters. The part that most people are focusing on is that your main mission in the game is to deliver to people spread out across the US after some event which I think was a nuclear war which brought about the Stranding event and crossed over the dead and alive worlds. It maybe the main premise in the game but from what I’ve heard the game changes pace in chapter 3 but I really like navigating the amazing terrain and making the deliveries whilst avoiding the BT’s. They are basically ghosts from the dead world that will drag you to the other side… I love it.

Not for everyone and I haven’t even gone into the really weird stuff haha.


Appreciate the heads-up, thank you. I’m keeping an eye on it, as it’s out on PC next year.

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Yeah, march isn’t it? It looks gorgeous on PS4 so I expect it will look amazing on pc cranked right up.

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