Korea 1952: Sabre Sortie (F-86 vs MiG-15)

A very nice video by SeaQuark showcasing some great 2-ship/element work in a Korea: 1952 environment.

There is a PvP event planned for tomorrow (12 Nov 2017). If anyone is interested, here is the ED Forums link.


A Mig Alley map for DCS, now please! :slight_smile:


cool video. why do people say “2” in response to radio transmissions? Never heard that before, except in DCS videos. Just curious.

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It’s a wingman acknowledging they heard what the lead said I believe. If there’s a group then you’d hear ‘3’ and ‘4’ etc. for the others as well.


Not really a fan of their radio filter, but the comms and teamwork were good.

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I enjoyed the radio filter and was impressed that they could get eyeballs on those tiny jets. Good guns as well. Looks like a bunch of fun.

Outstanding! Would love to get involved with this.

Wait is this 4 hoomans or Hooman Sabres vs AI MiGs?

Looks like good MP fun. Unfortunately I am away from home this Saturday

104th Red Flag Rumble
Mig 15 vs F86
July Round


That does look good and the wife will be away this weekend. I think I may partake. :slight_smile:

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looking forward to your AAR :slight_smile: