Kuznetsov getting a tow

Has to be somewhat embarrassing that their carrier needed a tow…but the footage is gut churning. Looks like a super dangerous job…

From Foxtrot Alpha:

“The event happened in 2012 as the Admiral Kuznetsov and its escorts were sailing through the Mediterranean towards Syria as a show of support for the embattled Assad regime in Syria. Russia kept the breakdown story under wraps, until this video was posted this week.”



Tug sailers are crazy. :smile:

That’s in the Mediterranean? I never thought that the seas got that rough in those waters.

Yeah…those line handlers…nuts. A rogue wave or a cable snapping… Just seems like a super-hazardous job…

You couldn’t pay me enough to do that job.

Bay of Biscay - basically the North Atlantic, gets plenty rough enough.