Landing in Bermuda

Typically we go to Bermuda in the wee hours of the night. I’ve probably been there 50 times and only seen it in daylight about ten time or so. Though there were some huge storms between us and the mainland on both legs…the weather in TXKF was gorgeous a few days ago:



Wow, that looks beautiful! Nice.

So much Sing on final :smiley: Nice touch.

Why only at night? Just curious.

Operating room schedules. If we arrive in Bermuda around midnight or 1AM we are wheels up with the patient at around 3AM - in Boston (typical destination) by 5AM - at the hospital for morning surgery by 6 or 7AM.


@weaponz248 - I owe you $5, my first guess Chris was drug running - it seemed so logical, what with the running costs and all… :wink:

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Well, technically, we do have drugs on board…

My guess was rum honestly…

great capture, nice landing!

ok @fearlessfrog the 5 bucks goes to me :wink: I thought about ‘secondary transfers’ (I hope you call it this way) when I saw the stormy pictures - I was missing any big name or sign on your Citation @BeachAV8R

do your company operate also helos?