Laptop wirelessly connected to HDTV?

I was just wondering, for the more technical members here… I want to get a gaming laptop, and I know I can hook it up via HDMI to my 4k HDTV… but is there a way or method to stream it to TV? no wires, not the Steam way, have that and it sucks, choppy and only 720p… any other way.


Wireless is a problem.
I also use a Steam link, and it works absolutely flawlessly for me, but only over a Cat6 cable and a gigabit switch.
It could maybe work if your Laptop and your wifi router can do 5GHz Wifi. That’s a much better performance.

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I was thinking that it might be better to use wireless peripherals rather than video. That wouldn’t be a problem for things like keyboard/mouse/headphones/XBox controller. But finding wireless steering wheels and flight controllers might be challenging.