Least expensive way to test DCS on a Mac?

So, I was showing one of my brothers some screenshots of the NTTR and the Red Flag campaign, and he wants to test it before buying. The reason is that he has a Mac, albeit a high end one, and wants to try it per this discussion. Anyway, I told him that the F-15C is only $6 and he could try it in DCS World 1.5. Thoughts?

Well how much for a pc?

Kidding aside, cheapest would be to try the free TF-51 or SU-25.


Boomerang10 beat me by a hair, was gonna say the same thing about the free Su-25

Funny, they don’t mention the Su-25 on the DCS World 1.5 product page. They do on the 2.0 page, but also say that you have to purchase NTTR.

Well for DCSW 2.0 you would have to buy NTTR, because it doesn’t come with a terrain. But, as was said before, just download 1.5, try out the free modules. If it runs well on the system, 2.0 should run decently too, although you might have to knock down a few settings.