Leatherneck - AJS-37 Viggen, F4U-1 Corsair and a Iwo Jiwa map

Saw this posted on reddit but wanted to ask Cobra / Leatherneck first if this was ok to go into detail on this, they are ok with it - so, nothing officially confirmed but here’s the background on what’s going on.

The site https://steamdb.info crawls the Steam database for info and presents it as nice pages. What happens when you publish on Steam is that the various publishers/developers sort of ‘self-serve’, in that they log into a system that allows them to configure their storefront and set up the store entries and what they contain. The ‘catalog’ metadata is public but the access is through a login. It’s basically the ‘back of the store’.

Various ‘apps’ in Steam (the packages that the developers each upload) can be marked as unpublished, as in private information. The steamdb.info would list those depots but they wouldn’t be able to see the actual app names. This would allow developers to prepare for release, share with beta testers and basically get everything ready ‘behind the curtain’ before things were ready.

What has happened is that the steamdb.info folks have figured out that the help desk app id entries (a separate catalogue listing) can be used to correlate with the private app ids listed. It’s a data leak, or rather not intended at all and is being tweaked/fixed right now. You can read steamdb.info’s interpretation here:


What today’s ‘leak’ has shown is the following (and just to repeat, we first asked Leatherneck if it was ok to discuss this leak here, expect more info and an announcement from them soon):

  • DCS: AJS-37 Viggen
  • DCS: F4U-1 Corsair
  • DCS: Iwo Jiwa map module.

It seems a shame to reveal like this, but this looks great news to me. A Viggen would be amazing, and the F4U and (just guessing) AI Zero would be so nice on a water map like Iwo Jiwa.

It makes you think that perhaps a WWII Carrier will be somewhere too?


“Saab JA37 37447 Swedish Air Force Marcel van Leeuwen” by Rob Vogelaar - http://www.zap16.com. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

Corsair (such a beauty…)

“Vought F4U Corsair (USMC)” by Gerry Metzler - All sizes | F4U Corsair | Flickr - Photo Sharing!. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons

Iwo Jima - The green dot in the middle of all that blue…

“Iwo-to landsat1999” by Tdk - Landsat Image. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons



Wasn’t there mention of an Iceland / North Atlantic area map too at one point? Maybe in the future there are going to be ‘bundles’ of maps / aircraft - and maybe a bit of Sweden is going to appear. :smile:


Holy sweetness! Things are looking up for flight sim fans!


@fearlessfrog Yes, it’s supposed to be part of the F-14 Module IIRC


Ah, makes sense, thanks. There was no mention of a Tomcat in the steamdb I don’t think.

Mind you, creating an app entry isn’t an indication of something’s existence, sign of progress or impending release. It’s basically data dumpster diving.

As a developer it’s easy to go in there and create a text entry of anything you like. I would be tempted to go and add a ‘DCS: Space Shuttle’ personally. :smile:

Its in there


Here is the full list of DCS in the steamb


Oh yeah - thanks. :smile:

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Great new. I’ve always liked the Viggen, and judging by the Mig 21, I’m sure Leatherneck can do it justice. Here’s hoping we can have a swedish cockpit :smile:

If it’s anything like the instructions on any Ikea product ever, count me out.

I dunno. I now kind of want to see how one explains firing an anti-ship missile using only Ikea-esque instructions and no words.

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