Leatherneck F4U-1D Corsair

:point_up_2::point_up_2: you mean 3 :grin:


“Like the Museum Relic campaign? Why though?. …”

I thought you were talking about the world war. Had me very confused for a few seconds there.

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Why so impatience? The first post here was “only” January 2019. Whats four years?
Seriously, my enthusiasm went out the window years ago. In 36 months we have not heard of a serious opponent to the Corsair. No Zero, Jack, Frank or George. It will fit DCS as well as the I-16, lol. Unless DCS WW2 makes a better effort than just the Corsair its just another…well I-16…


I think they will run up against the wall like Jason did when he researched most of the Japanese planes in his attempt to create realistic Japanese aircraft for the Great Battles series. The documents just did not exist to make high fidelity realistic aircraft. We were pretty thorough after the war in having the Japanese destroy not only the planes but the documentation to build them.


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But isn’t this a blessing? Nobody can dispute the numbers! :wink:

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actually no documents needed. we have X-Plane. they can create them in XP and then after the results simulate them in the other sims :grin: :wink: