Leatherneck F4U-1D Corsair

Summer Update

Whistle While We Work

Dear Pilots,

Summer is right around the corner, and this seems to be the perfect opportunity to update you on our latest works and progress in module development. We have envisioned this to be a rather short update and as such it will primarily focus on the Corsair warbird, Essex class aircraft carrier and as cherry on top of the cake – a Crusader snippet. The scope of this update is dictated by the fact that the F4U-1D module occupies our attention almost exclusively.

We wish you a warm and pleasant summer and without further ado, lets have a look what we have prepared for you!

Chance-Vought F4U-1D Corsair

Starting with F4U-1D Corsair, we are happy to report that the module is in its final stages of development. Most of the artwork and system programming is nearing completion, while the flight model and engine operation are in process of fine tuning and testing. A set of missions and a campaign are also planned and will be done in cooperation with the renowned and talented campaign creator Reflected Simulations!

For the past few months following our Christmas update, our artists have shifted their efforts towards improving the cockpit. The F4U-1 is one of the few aircraft lacking sidewalls and a floor. Because of this many of the Corsair’s vital components are exposed. Though time consuming, we have given this special attention utilizing original manufacture drawings and unrestored aircraft as references to recreate most of the panels, cables, pipes and switches. Each area was then checked within VR to ensure that nothing what a strapped in pilot would see, will be missing.

Our team has settled on a modification designated MCR-600. This modification was a complete overhaul and simplification of the cockpit’s hydraulic system. Other changes not related to this MCR, include the following:

  • Separate rocket firing button
  • 4 switch armament box on the right side dash that is tailored for Tiny Tim use.
  • Removal of the M-8 flair gun to help reduce toxic fumes getting into the cockpit through the firing tube.
  • Removal of the vapor dilution system, since there are no wing fuel tanks.
  • Removal of the carburetor choke lever.

Thus the update of the cockpit model and adjustment of the textures to fit new cockpit constitute the final chapter of aircraft art development.

Items that will be modeled during Early Access include the armored glass and an adjustable Mk.8 gun sight.

System development is also largely complete as hydraulics, electrics and basic weapon systems are operational and we’ll continue to fine tune them as tests proceed. The AN/ARC-5 Radio and navigation equipment were also completed and tested earlier this spring. Decision to add the AN/ARC-1 radio set is still pending. Smaller things such as the oxygen equipment, anti-blackout suit, and particularly interesting (based on carbon-dioxide), the emergency landing gear extension system remain, due to the cockpit enhancements.

Regarding the available ordnance and additional equipment, the full list of British and US bombs and rockets will be presented closer to the release. We hope to toss in a few features that would make our F4U-1D very unique in the DCS WW2 environment.

Essex Class Aircraft Carrier

Moving on, the carrier’s hangar bay is undergoing extensive development. It is our intention to make it possible for you to spawn inside the “belly” of the aircraft carrier, start-up the Corsair and bring it to the main deck with your very own efforts. We think that this feature would give you better understanding of aircraft carrier operations.

Don’t mind the sun roof, our ship-yard workers need fresh air.

Chance-Vought F-8J Crusader

Since our artists are busy with the Corsair, our programmers have been working diligently on the Crusader’s radar system.

While the ground mapping functionality of the AN/APQ-124 is very limited, the radar can be used for coastal mapping.

Below is a zoomed in screenshot from the video, displaying major geological features from the radar’s return off the coast of Poti Harbor City in the Caucases.

Video Player



The Corona virus outbreak has certainly hindered our efforts for opportunities in the scanning department. But we pushed through and were able to get some photogrammetry of the cockpit. Our initial work wasn’t that far off from the real deal! Work will continue in adjusting the geometry.

We hope to have some great news by next season regarding laser scans!

We at Magnitude 3 want to thank everybody for the continued support and patience! We wish everyone to have a fun and safe Summer!


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From M3 last update.

Update of F4U-1D develop, AI Japan units and Essex Class carrier.


Can’t think of any sim I have played that modeled the hangar deck.


The Super Carrier was supposed to, but…


Yeah, but honestly it’s usefulness would be extremely limited- it’s very, very rare for a pilot to taxi a plane down to the hangar bay under power (usually it’s a team of plane capti, blue shirts, and a tractor or two), and you’d never do it during flight ops- it’s a lot of unnecessary complications, and besides that you have to slow way down to take the elevators down to hangar bay level anyway.


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