Well there’s website for ordering whatever piece you need anyway, so its not exactly the same as with the CAD design as you envision but I would guess with some handy scripting you could auto-create a basket on something like bricklink?


Exactly. This is my point…
It wouldn’t be hard to do at all. So why haven’t LEGO done so?


It is my understanding that producing complete sets is logistically quite challenging and requires considerable lead-in time. They probably do not have the capability to produce every brick at a given time point. I imagine the machines are set up to produce batches of each brick required for a set, which are then combined to a finite production run for the set. Then the machines are set up for the next set (with the overall capability to do a certain number of sets in parallel). This would also be the reason why popular old sets are not easily reproduced.

What must be pretty complex logistics for commercial sets must be almost impossible for custom sets.


The LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon was released in LEGO Stores at midnight, and on the LEGO webshop this morning.
First the LEGO V.I.P. ID server crashed, and then the entire webshop crashed, or they took it down to fix the ID server. Anyways, I snagged one! :slight_smile:
Now it’s already back ordered, which was to be expected…


Sweet! I am still wrestling with myself, primary about that display space issue :slight_smile:


Falcons like to soar… just saying…


I can already imagine Lego pieces worth $800 falling from the ceiling :slight_smile:


I just can’t justify that kind of money right now, and I’d also have the issue of where to display her.


You guys!!!


We’re going to Legoland, again, this summer!!


I now got into the modular buildings series, which are amazing. So far I got the Parisian Restaurant and Assembly Square.


They are! True art, if you ask me!


Lego Bridge Builder


Whoa… that is impressive


Whatever! Could’ve done it faster with my bare hands :wink:


…and a friend of mine just showed me this one now too:



I have the Lego Speed Champions version of the Chiron. It’s much, MUCH less expensive.


You all aircraft fans should check out nk custom bricks
I ordered the F-5 micro kit and will be ordering the KC-135 soon.


Seriously cool!! :astonished:


Dat A-6 tho…