Let There Be Light

I was already fuming from watching “Exercise Tiger” this morning. The lack of respect for human life in that operation was appalling. Google it. If they truly wanted to test the German’s resolve they would’ve sent in more support ships!

As YouTube would have it, that vid led into “Let There Be Light” … so many actual WWII stories resulting in PTSD (prohibited to the public for 30 years) …

Exercise Tiger seems to be mostly a badly coordinated training exercise, nothing to do with testing resolve of the Nazi defenders. Are you confusing it with the raid on Dieppe in Operation Chariot?

According to the Smithsonian Channel, “General Eisenhower admitted to using the men taking part in “Exercise Tiger” as a “test” to see how the Germans would react to an Allied convoy in the seas between England and France, when he published his official report on D-Day after the Normandy landings.”

A single corvette escort for an eight LST convoy? … LAME!

They should’ve established an American/British communication protocol before this disaster as well.

Aha, nothing about that on the wiki article unfortunately.