Lets talk PC Flight Yokes

OK, so got the new Honeycomb Yoke on its way to me for delivery soon … these were supposed to be sold out and found I was wishing I’d pre ordered one.

I live in UK, and now bought this from a German Ebay dealer who still had a few in stock, it cost me about £240 ish delivered and I think that’s an OK price, first batch were discounted, not sure what next batch will cost? Hopefully not much more.

Obviously I can’t give a review just now, but can offer my opinion on trusted reviews so far, gonna add a couple or so of reviews of the yoke at end of this post.

Currently, use a Saitek Cessna Yoke, owned the older Saitek (now Logitech) yoke too … I guess Logitech had to lose the Saitek Cessna Yoke/Pedals and even Trim wheel because they were Cessna branded and needed licence?

It’s a shame, because the Saitek Cessna yoke was OK (ish), it has the full roll 90 degrees left and right that the basic old Saitek yoke does not have and the switches are slightly better to the feel … both Saitek yokes suffered sticky motion back and forth in pitch axis and erratic centre position … happy go lucky affordable yokes I suppose.

Tried some CH Yokes in past too, they work of course, but even the newer one looks ancient and is far from in the top tier of I see used these days.

YOKO Yokes and professional priced ones for PC Flight sim, am sure they are the best ones, but for yoke horn PC usability, they all lack functions for us normal simmers … IMHO, and I for one am not going to spend £1000’s on a PC flight sim Yoke I’ll find wanting in button and hat usage for everyday FSX/P3D/XP11 usage :slight_smile:

It really was time we had a good quality affordable PC flight sim yoke.

Without further ado, these are just some of the reviews that made me choose the Honeycomb Yoke … really am looking forward to it and of course, once we get MS 2020.


That’s very cool, I wonder how it might work with say a P-38 in IL-2 or some of the bombers, if it’s compatible.

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I’m sure it will work just fine.

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It looks really great!
Didn’t @PaulRix get one?

@Troll, yes indeed. It is a really nice yoke. I have to admit that I haven’t used it all that much though. When I picked the Chipmunk for the Christmas trek, my Virpil stick made more sense so the yoke is on the shelf for now.


My Honeycomb Yoke just got delivered about an hour ago, was very surprised about that as this mornings tracking still showed it in Germany! Cant complain though.

I’d ordered some other stuff, Razer Tartarus Pro Chroma RGB Programmable Gaming Keypad and new Noblechairs Hero Leather Gaming Chair, these had arrived yesterday … and I’d just got the chair assembled and set to my liking when the doorbell went, almost never answered as it’s voting time in UK just now and am getting a lot of different local party persuasion, LOL … it was my Yoke though., opened the box and it looks very very nice indeed, amazing semi matt and gloss black finish, really looks quality … looks good value for its price range … Glad I got one from first batch … Guess what I’ll be doing tonight :slight_smile:

Will definitely be getting the forthcoming throttle unit from Honeycomb as well.

My order from Virpil of 200mm curved extension should be here any time now … I’m like a kid at Christmas … actually this stuff is my Christmas present to myself, heh.


Someone should tell them that Unternehmen Seelöwe, failed… :wink:

Mine too! :slight_smile:

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