Lewdest town in the U.S.A

Oh myyyyyyyyyy!

There’s a couple of places I wouldn’t mind visiting.


Interesting what they find to be “lewd”, for instance they have Coplay in PA, which i guess they are assuming it’s pronounced like Co-play? it’s not by a long shot :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think @komemiute is just click-baiting us. :smiley:


Fun fact: Climax is only about 20 minutes away from High Point.

It’s also really close to Intercourse and coincidently Blue Ball, but more PA fun that never gets mentioned, depending on which direction you’re trying to get to Bangor you can either go through Cherry Valley or Wind Gap. :wink:

@Navynuke99 I wish…

In any case it’s an obvious example of “intelligent design”

Check out lewd names in Newfoundland. Way better.

A really nice place in Dorset, UK. Has a great pub.