Sorry if this is a newbie question but seeing the amount of detail that has gone into the BMS series in terms of aircraft modeling and the number of times the issue of licensing comes up in DCS related products, I was wondering how the BMS team has handled this. Is the issue of licensing even relevant when free products are concerned (i.e. BMS Falcon) or is it that the level of detail in BMS Falcon isn’t so high as that it requires a license?

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BMS isn’t charging money for their product, and isn’t claiming to Lockheed or Boeing or etc.

Generally you only sue people if they’re making profits off your work/name/likeness without compensating you.


Using the imagery of an product can be problematic but in case of jetfighters and cars that are so often displayed in a ton of context without written permission it’s usually no problem(imagine every airshow needing to get a license from Lockheed for showing the F-35), hence they are not too worried about it for games either.

Using the actual name is a lot trickier but as long as BMS does not change that from what Falcon 4 did then they are probably okay given the circumstances.

On the other hand, laws change on a country by country basis and if you want I can ask my buddy how it’s done in The Netherlands since he is a lawyer but I doubt that would help you a lot.