Looking for a MB/CPU to bring back to life

The Hollo Pointe server has been running an older i7-3770K processor (@ 3.50GHz) for a few years now. Does anyone have a discarded MB/CPU combo that would be an upgrade? I want to increase the Hollo Pointe’s RAM from 16GB to 32GB, and figured to ask first if anyone has a MB/CPU combo that they don’t use anymore. The Hollo Pointe’s current RAM is 16GB of 1333MHz x64bit.

I’m looking for an MB/CPU combo in the U.S. and I’ll pay the shipping…

edit → there’s a decimal in there now (3.50 GHz)

Impressive :wink:

Alas I’ve got nothing for you. I hope someone does!

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DDR3 or DDR4 memory? I have a pair of DDR3 8GB sticks, 1866MHz that I could give up.

The mobo it was in was a AMD Athlon X4 though, way out of date.