Looking for a Mosquito Pilot

Hey, there is every chance that the Mighty wooden wonder Mosquito will be released before the end of 2020.

Does anyone know if it’s going to be co-op?

If it is then I am looking for someone who fancies teaming up, because I would love to be a Nav/Bomb aimer.

Pip Pip


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It’s my most anticipated module for a very long time. The huey hip and spit where my other day one purchases.
I for one would love some multi crew action in such a historic bird. I know I have mentioned this on here before but my favourite Il2 mission of all time was the reenactment of the fiord strike from 633 squadron


Out before Christmas according to this excellent video. Very much looking forward to the Mossie as well, especially since uninstalling P3D. They speak of the Phantom as well :+1:

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AFAIK it will be treated as a single seater since it’s the FB version.

FB did still have a nav, which was useful for the low level missions they performed. For that to work, you’d only really need ridealong multicrew, maybe with a button or two?

What is the FB version pls?

Never mind, I deduced fighter bomber since it is the FB Mk VI. For some reason, Forgotten Battles came to mind. I’m an idiot.

Anyway, so long P3D version.

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In the mind of ED, it’s insufficient reason to make it multicrew. We can hope that there’s a B version with a glass nose on the books, but thus far that kind of aircraft doesn’t seem to be on the list.

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It wouldn’t be the same and kind of 'hacked together but if I used my printed off caucasus map. And used the spectate function online could I not ‘pretend’ to navigate over discord. Am I right in saying you can use a cockpit view in spectate? That would give you access to the instruments.
Failing that you could do it in F10 mode. As long as the enemies weren’t visible it wouldn’t be cheating. Maybe slightly boring…but you had speed. Heading. Altitude and a printed map to cross reference. I wouldn’t mind trying it. And trying to get on target.


With F4 mode you can actually move the camera into the external model 3D pit, giving you something like what CA does.


I had a feeling you could do something like that but I couldn’t think how to do action it. Its worth think about though as dual nav exercises would be quite fun with the general low altitude the mossie flew at at night. It would be an interesting thing to attempt one day

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A second pair of eyes in combat earns the second persons seat

Turkeybird agrees with you, but it’s apparently lost on a lot of people within the DCS community how handy it is to have a second set of eyes and ears looking out. For me, more the ears.