Looking for a PC game streaming device to HDTV... advise

Most of my gaming now-a-days is on console due to back issues, not being able to sit long on a computer chair… but there are a few games I really want to play more of on PC… ie: SB Pro PE, Combat Mission series, and now Civilization 6… I tried that steam device for 50 bucks, rarely worked and when it did it only hit 720p… what about Razers new device, or that nvideo shield… any suggestions or recommendations. Need to do it wirelessly.


You are bound to hit resolution issues when streaming wirelessly unless the devices are good enough in finding free channels. You ought to consider using a wire since there’s no guarantee that another device will be sufficient.

though the PC is just 10 feet away from my TV… it’s straight across, and with 4 dogs that’s a accident waiting to happen. :wink:

Distance is not a factor, it’s noise that you cannot control unless you isolate the room. Run the cable along the walls in a gutter.

For one of my clients we setup WiDi from a Surface Pro to a Netgear neoTV box that was connected via HDMI to a 100" Samsung. We had initially hardwired the TV to the conference room table with HDMI, but the users kept snapping off the connectors on the HDMI ports by closing the access door on the table.

It works really well for PowerPoint presentations. I have no clue how it would work for gaming. One can probably assume the usual bottlenecks. The major challenge was finding 4 or 5 guys to hold the TV while I connected the neo :relaxed:

Or buy four cats to guard the cable…oh…wait…


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@Magnum50 do you have access to a crawl space below or attic above?

If so you might be able to cut into the wall a hole for a Cat6 jack, then with the hole open drill inside the wall down to the crawl space, do the same thing in the opposing wall and then connect the two with a cable that runs below in crawlspace. I used that option at home before with good results.

Details on the options here, only they are using speaker cables and mounting boxes and you be using Cat6 cable and wall boxes:

Additional update:
Steam Link works flawless for me at 1080p over 1GB ethernet wired conn, definitely recommend it if you can get a wired solution, I tried wireless remote gaming from my PS4 to PS vita and could never get a stable result if there were any other wireless clients on the same network, so if you can’t do wired you might want to try a dedicated wifi router just for the pc and Steam Link and see if that works any better.

Couple things. for the cables you could just run them up the wall and down. creates an eye sore you say?!?!? Get you favorite teams blanket and hang it from the wall. Cables gone, plus man cave made better.

Or you could build your own computer desk around a lazy boy. Something I have thought of many times.

Another possibility if you have the wall space and room. Go with a projector.

Those sound unfortunately like single man setups. I guarantee you there is no space in my house that my wife would be pleased with a team blanket or something on the wall.