Looking for some skins

Not sure if anyone around these here parts is still playing besides me but I am looking for some old IL-2 Sturmovik skins. These skins were made in the 2002 to 2005 time range so some or all of these skins I am trying to find may be 512 x 512 in size. Anyone who has the “Aces Campaign” addon by Combat Planes probably has the skins in their install or sitting on their shelf collecting dust in the Aces addon CD. :grin:

SimHQ Review: http://www.simhq.com/_air4/air_154a.html

Combat Planes Inc., in conjunction with GMX Media released Forgotten Battles: Aces Campaigns for IL-2 Forgotten Battles.

  • B-25C_Mettalica_NO-C.bmp
  • P-38J Invasion stripes general.bmp
  • 39-steel.bmp
  • P63_Metal.bmp
  • JEJ-1944.bmp
  • 441 Squad dday-1.bmp
  • 222sqn-ZDA-Stripes.bmp
  • 222sqn-ZDE-Stripes.bmp
  • 403sqn-KHJ-Stripes.bmp
  • 403sqn-KHL-Stripes.bmp
  • 403sqn-KHN-Stripes.bmp
  • 403sqn-KHO-Stripes.bmp

The list shows the file name of the skin.
Imo the easiest way to find out if you have them would be to search in your PaintSchemes folder using the skin name.

For more information on the in game plane name, .mis file name, and PaintSchemes folder name for the skins I am trying to find check out my thread at Mission4Today.
Looking for some skins: Mission4Today › ForumsPro › IL-2 Sturmovik › Skinning Discussion Forum › Skinning Requests › Looking for some skins


Pretty positive I have that campaign. I ordered it when I thought it was Forgotten Battles(I only had IL2 at that time). I’ll need to look through my vast collection though! :wink:

Found the Spitfire skins and the first 2 on your list. The other ones appear not to be included on the DVD, although the installation talks about patches for the campaign distributed through maddox.

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Thanks for looking. I am definitely interested in getting those skins.
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