Looking into upgrading

Alright alright, so it may finally be time to upgrade.

You’ve all seen my pity-party posts about how much computer parts cost here in Canada, and nothing has changed. They are ridiculously expensive due to exchange rate (well aware some other countries also have this problem). HOWEVER! I have not flown in forever because I am tired of sub 20 fps lack of real-time simming, or just plain bland visuals because my system is too elderly to get it up anymore.

So. Here’s the spiel.

Current system:

16gb ram
gtx 770 4gb
asus p8p67pro mobo
samsung 256gb ssd (can’t remember if it’s the evo or pro, 840 or 850 or whatever but it works like a charm)
750w psu

Proposed updates:
16gb ram
Asus ROG Maximus IX Hero
Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming GTX 1080 8gb

Have a cooler master hyper 212 evo cooler already (pretty sure that’s what it is anyway - been like 5 years!) for a cpu cooler.

Now to the horribleness of it all! I wasn’t kidding when I said this will run $2K. After tax, those 4 parts are $1915.

I could save $50 by dropping the non-k cpu. Wouldn’t hurt. Of course it’s only $50 at this point.

So. Convince me I’m crazy. Convince me to buy. Suggest alternatives! Have at!

Note that price is the sale price haha. GPU is like $200 off, CPU is $27off, ram is $15 off… If I wait long enough, the return regular prices will solve this for me :slight_smile:

It seems I have earned a reputation for encouraging Mudspike members to part with their hard earned cash, so I had better keep quiet here… ;).


I have pretty much the same setup but with a 1070 instead of the 1080. I have DCS maxed out on a Full HD screen with 80-120 fps in the air which might “drop” to 60 when flying through a city.

If you don’t need insane fps (e.g. for VR) you might consider this downgrade. Might save you 200 bucks.

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Do you fly x-plane as well? If so, how’s the fps there? That would be primary flight sim.

A week ago I upgraded to the i7 7700k from an overclocked i5 2500k, and I’m not entirely sure it was worth the cost. To be fair, I haven’t overclocked the 7700k yet though.
Maybe try out that 1080 in your existing rig first, and then decide where to go from there?

That’s interesting, will keep that in mind. Though with x-plane, the 2600k cpu is already sluggish.

You’re really not noticing a big difference from a 5 year old i5 to the latest i7? or just not a perceived big enough difference for what you paid? I’ve seen similar comments from those who had a 4970 or the 6700 obviously, but first time I’ve seen that from an i5-2500. Definitely curious.

That’s a pretty beastly motherboard. If you’re sure you’re going to use all of its features, go for it.

Otherwise a few minutes of research and consideration of your needs might save you a hundred or so bucks.

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It really is more beastly than I need. The real problem is the number of rear USB ports that I need. Most of the 270 boards are light on rear ports.

I haven’t benchmarked it, but no, not much percieved difference really. I guess it comes down to the similar single core speeds, as few games take advantage of multiple cores.
I primarily upgraded for better VR performance in DCS, but while it does keep the fps above 45 most of the time, it still dips down to 30ish over cities. So, it did help, but not as much as I had hoped for. I’m certainly left wondering if the money wouldn’t have been better spent on a 1080…

Old system:
i5 2500k @4.4 ghz
Asrock z68 extreme
16 gb ddr3
Samsung Evo850 ssd
AMD r9 390

New system:
i7 7700k
Asus z270 prime
16 gb ddr4
Samsung evo850 ssd
AMD r9 390

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Trick is, make sure it’s powered. I plug all my flight sim peripherals into the hub.


fair point. Looks slightly cheaper than going full-on mobo. Will delve cheaper.

No X-Plane yet. Sorry.

And keep in mind that … :wink:

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And speaking of me (aren’t we)…

My new system is pretty much what the Rhino is considering. I will say that I have run into nearly zero performance limits with any sims I own. The only instance was DCS. I turned civilian traffic off and it run as smoothly as the rest.

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Fair enough. Though this would help me with other games that my system is a bit long in the tooth for as well.

My personal favorite USB 3.0 (backward compatible) HUB …

Converts one USB 3.0 port into ten! You can switch any bank of three on/off with the push of a button.


Personally, I have been tracking another gent upgrading his system over at ED-DCS Forum, and I’m busting to do the same but feel in my gut best to wait longer.

Been reading all the jazz about the new AMD Ryzen chip - AMD Ryzen CPUs: 7 all-new details revealed at CES 2017 | PCWorld but in my opinion i think better wait for Intel for something better to rise up.

Agree, prices are going up for good gaming rigs so its best to check how things track and pay wisely for something that you need to draw years of good usage.

I just purchased and spent a small fortune on a Thermaltake 1475 watt http://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00001812 since I’m running my system for more than just gaming but a media center also and a network for my family.

But I’m am looking at getting Xplane 11 so an upgrade might be inevitable will see how it performs on my system.

I could talk to you about relative video cards or processors and whatnot, but it really is besides the point Rhino. Your talking about it here and I have heard it in your voice when we play online. You are not happy with your current system. This is your hobby.

If money is tight get the video card. If you can lay the whole amount down, even though it will mean being tight for awhile, do it.

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I avoid plugging peripherals into my motherboard USB ports. Instead I have some powered USB hubs plugged in, and I use those for connecting devices. Too much static in my place - I popped a MB USB chip at least once.