Love the new DoF in DCS 1.5!

I just downloaded DCS World again now that we can play around with the 1.5 open beta and…WOW, what a difference!

It has been probably over half a year, maybe even longer since I loaded up DCS and it has really come a long way since then! If this is what they have done pre DCS 2.0…I feel very excited about what they have in store for us in the near future!

So as the title mentioned…I love the new Depth of Field added in game!!!

Wonderful stuff.


Yeah…it definitely looks great (EDGE). The DoF effect is good and bad… Most of the time I leave it off, but for screens and movies it can really add some drama. It would be nice if it could be toggled on/off with a keystroke.

Nice screenshot!


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It’s probably the only thing I’ve toggled off, as I did see it as more of a camera effect for nice screenies, and the perf/framerate cost not usually worth it for me. Good idea on the key toggle.