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Star Trek: Picard: (“CBS All Access” version - USA only)


Star Trek: Picard: (“Prime Video” version - Europe)


The trailer brought home in a much more visceral way than I ever expected how much I have missed that character and group of actors from The Next Generation. I really hope that it can live up to the potential I see in those scenes from the trailer.



Same here.

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And here.

Bit dissapointed there was no chair mounting scene with Riker …


Beautiful and … well… engage-ing! :wink:

videos not available. So fun.

Having seen it though, very much looking forward to it.

This week I watched The Inner Light and Time’s Arrow pt 1. I will be watching Pt 2 tonight. :slight_smile:

Too bad they waited this long, I fear Sir Patrick is getting frail. This would’ve been far better to do 10 years ago, but better now than never.

Darn, I thought at least one of the videos would be visible by everyone.


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