Make TRFP wider again :D

Finally got time to print mod for my el cheapo pedals:

Now these are quite nice :slight_smile:


Cool! More detail pics please…

This was base, i just cut away about 70% of material and tuned it to my “minimal is best style” :

Devil black Petg, ender 3.
I can share more pics when i get home :slight_smile:

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I see! So you just move the sliding rails to the new printed parts.

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Yes, makes these great cheap solution for choppers. 10bit → 1024points per axis still so enough :slight_smile:

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Easy to print and strong. Hot clue to stop rails to slip off for now… because i may make linear ball bearing mod next :slight_smile:

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How wide are they now?

IF im not wrong , 46cm max width

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