Mark as read

I am blind it seems.
Can anybody tell me where the button is to mark threads as read (even though I haven’t really read them)?
Background: I do read almost every post here, but not all, especially if a thread is big and the topic isn’t about something I know.

So I’d like to click through the ones I want to read and then mark the others as read so they don’t clog the “unread” category.

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I thought that there was an option to do that but now I can’t find it either. Unless it is a case of me just not seeing it right in front of me. Odd.


I’m pretty sure there used to be a button. In the meantime all you have to do on PC is hit end on your keyboard and itll scroll them all.

On mobile just click on the pages indicator and drag it to the bottom .

Both take almost same amount of time as pressing mark as read :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can’t find it either but I could have sworn there was one too.


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Try the button below the Topic Controls the bottom of the thread, set it to Normal.


Uhm … actually!
If you select “Unread” then a button appears under “New Topic”, top right, which reads “Dismiss”.

It should do what you need.


I don’t understand…why would you not read a Mudspike thread? :open_mouth:


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Mostly time constraints actually.
I usually read everything but if I don’t have the time to read everything then I skip some threads about games I don’t play. :slight_smile:

That’s only for notifications but I will try that one, too.

There is no button. Maybe because I am on mobile?

Found it.
I had to scroll a bit further down, it is only visible after all unread topics were loaded.



My solutions are way faster just saying :crazy_face:


Usually I would agree, but right now that’s 150 threads to click through. If I need a few seconds per thread that’s 15 minutes or so.