Mars Perseverance Launch and News Thread

t-minus 24 minutes

(seems easier putting this here than starting a new thread)

Some added info for the rover


I was just about to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

Moved this to a new topic. If everything goes well, I am interested in further news on this mission :slight_smile:

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who is launching it? Gov?

yes? I’m barely sure on this stuff anymore. The pretty people that were at the SpaceX launch don’t seem to be around, so I’m using that as my basis for gov’t :smiley:

yeah, their video showed russian RD engine …also talking about earthquake is not what I hear usually during countdown. Hehe.

NASA facility in Pasadena, CA experienced 4.0. .

So payload is a rover with a heli-drone… freaking what a time we are living in.


It is Government using a ULA (United Launch Alliance) rocket

Woo! Looking good!

I have to say that I like the SpaceX webcasts better but ULA/NASA has gotten better at this.

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The shot looking at the engine at the stage change was pretty great to watch

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Gah missed it.

To Mars, we‘re the Aliens. Coming on spaceship robots, taking samples, sending them to the mothership in space.

What if they learn that from us? :wink:

Yeah, I missed it too. By the time I heard the rumble and went to the window it was just the exhaust trail going to the sky and the rocket itself was towards the sun.

Oh well.

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