MBot F5 Campaign

Just a few screens from the first Mission. I would call it an epic failure, The F4’s splashed a MiG21, and I managed to put a bomb on an SA-6, but the rest of my flight drew a blank. And we lost 9 aircraft. 1 for 9 aint bad, right? I would have taken more screens but I was too busy checking the kneeboard and trying not to crash. Overall, lots of fun. I also couldn’t get the custom skin to work, I must have screwed that part up.


Well at least with regards to your personal performance, no one could ask any more from you :slight_smile: Putting bombs on target with the F-5E is difficult. With regards to your wingmen, the command “Attack Mission Target and Rejoin” usually yields good results, at least as long as they are still alive at that point.

As for the skin, does it show up when you try to change it manually (in the mission editor or the rearming menu)? If you can see it, it would be a problem with the campaign (perhaps the skin name changed since I downloaded it a while ago).

I am very glad you are enjoying the campaign!

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