Me-163 mod/module by a new developer

Go check it out!

Going to be interesting though. She carries about 6 minutes worth of fuel.


That’s a curious choice of type. Hmm. The more the merrier I guess.

It trully is, but perhaps that would make it unique. Quick bust up to FL300, strafe a bomber or two, then back down to earth and try to glide and land that rocket. There are plenty of alternatives in DCS for that hour long mission.

SNOSimulations confirmed to me that they are going for the 3rd party license.

Currently we have most of the necessities needed to become a 3rd party
developer as fortunately for us the RAF decided they were kinda cool
after the second world war so they really did a number on documentation.
So yes, we are aiming for a 3rd party license.


Original link isn’t working, post is now here though

Interested though to see how they handle taxiing, and if we get a tractor does that mean we can count DCS as a farm sim :stuck_out_tongue:

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