Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries Announced


That and, quite frankly, MMOs suck. Gimme Borderlands 2 style gameplay with 4 friends and that’s the best MP play ever.


See, I know all of that, but stomping in an Atlas in MWO is still a good feeling… They are mechs after all.


Guess what?! Is that time of the year again (Wait, which one? THAT ONE! Ah ok)

New site is up, new info and release date!


OR HERE: ->>


Watch these…



If this doesn’t turn out absolutely great I’m going to eat my own rudder.


I like your enthusiasm

Remember this old trailer from 8 years ago.

Then what we got was polar opposites.
From mechwarrior 5 and all bells and whistles and promises made. The announcements changed to mechwarrior online, then to a free to play mechanic, then pay to win.

As this is reoccurrence of 8years ago, i am keeping a very low expectation on it. Then fingers crossed i will be bowled over with amazement of what they have done.

I love the mechwarrior franchise


Mechwarrior in the 90s was badass. I fell out of the loop and missed MWO, sounds like it was pretty bad. The Madcat was my favorite mech. Just badass looking.


Its not that MWO was really bad. In fact MWO really did the feel of the giant mechs very well IMO. If that carries on into this new iteration than all good.

I won’t drag down any more on the bad as it was what it was.

I see some good things like aircraft, vehicles, destructable environments. So hopefully we get a great mechwarrior game.


I think that the main good thing is that video was just a video- while this time (:crossed_fingers:) we are watching some proper game-play.
I’d take more effort to ruin everything at this point than to actually release a good game! :smiley:


Man, this brought back some memories with MW2. That was the first one I really got in to, and I was 11-12 when it came out. It ran like ■■■■ on my computer too! Seeing it run at 60+ fps makes it look awesome.


New destructability Teaser.
Nicely done. :grin:


Cant wait :yum::yum:

In the meantime I enjoy the new MWO’s feature: Solaris 7 1v1 and 2v2 arenas :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:



Pre-orders are open…


I’m still on the fence about this. What are others who’ve been closer to Piranha and their developments thinking about this?


I’ve played so much MWO and I’ve always wanted a single player experience to match! It looks fantastic. I wonder what the plans will be for the multiplayer aspects of this given that they have MWO as, well the multiplayer version already?

@Navynuke99 They’ve made some mistakes, they’ve done some good. Overall I’d say that there is a good chance that this will be fantastic to play! I do know that their mech design is top notch visually.


From what I have seen from the trailers is that you can multiplay it as well.


no word on a VR version … now that would be cool …:grin: