Mechwarrior 5

Anyone else looking interested at this, I didnt know it was so close to release

dec 10th

Preordered it, I love me some big iron.

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Was interested, but Epic Games exclusive, so will give it a pass unless it shows up elsewhere.


Looks damn sweet!

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Getting it for sure… at some point.


Definitely gonna have to pick it up at some point. I like what they’re doing, going to have see how it plays.

From what I’ve seen of streams, it has shockingly braindead ai. Like the mechs just stand there on hardest difficulty allowing you to headshot them at your leisure.

I’m hoping the streams are an early build or there is some other problem, but this has gone from a must-have day one to a regretful wait and see.

Yeah, I had been wondering why there wasn’t much said about this since I first saw the teaser trailer from a couple years ago; that combined with some other stuff I read up about it has really soured me on the title.

Looks like FPS Battletech. Sign me up.