MechWarrior Online - Civil War update


More in detail…

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I’ve washed my hands of that dissapointing overhyped pay2win fiasco.

Its another classic, back us and you will get this amazing all cannon gaming experience you’ve been waiting for all these years. But what actually is released is a very narrow scoped, small map shooter with mech skins and no depth.

You want max cbills, then you pay for it.

I wanted to be such an avid supporter of this game. I mean they got the feel of driving mechs down well. But its only smoke and mirrors hiding what is a very menial and common game.


I agree.
Except that I played so little that for me the experience was still enjoyable.
Also I just have a little interest in the ‘mechwarrior’ franchise.
As you said, though, the driving and feelings are there.

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I love and hate this game at the same time. I mostly lost interest after clanner tech release though, it made the IS faction almost useless. Especially being a light mech, you used to be able to aggressively scout and harass the enemy columns but unfortunately that role was lost. Never found a good replacement role for them.

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Big Changes to the skill tree!
No more need to buy three varaints of 'Mechs!

Sorry for the resurrection but- is anyone still playing this now and then? How’s it as of today?

I still play now and then. It’s very much the same. I have my mechs that I love, and occasionally I get to drop with friends or my son and occasionally we have a neat game with some memories.

Some of the maps are still good, others are still a mess. You seem to always end up on a close quarters map when you drop with a missile boat :joy:

I don’t want to drop any more money on the game, if that means anything. I have a good sized mech bay though.


Ah ok! Nice to know!
Thank you. :+1: