Merkava AI incoming to DCS: W

From ED Facebook


Not a tank I care much about, but still nice to have more content I guess. :slight_smile:

DCS Bekaa Valley confirmed?

Syrian Theater incoming? :grin:

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Actually I think an extension of the Crimean theater to the south and/or southeast to include parts of Turkey, Syria, Iran and so on would be at least as awesome as an extension to have Ukraine and the Crimea in again.

(yeah, not going to happen anytime soon, but I like to dream a bit, too) :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t surprise me if they made it for the Strait of Hormuz scenario with a Israel force working in that theatre.

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I actually wonder if they’ll replicate the curious postioning of the insides of that tank from an Hit-point simulation point of view (It has the engine in front of the hull and the driver behind it, so even if it’s hit it can still fight in place).

Not to forget the Trophy Active Defense System.

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A very interesting system, the Russians came up with a counter: RPG-30 - Wikipedia

Which fires a shot to trigger the defense system, only to have the rocket come in with a slight delay so as to avoid being destroyed. Now the Trophy system has received an upgrade to counter that… It’s an arms race!

I’ve been thinking of ways to counter this system cheaply, I wonder how vulnerable the search radar is to high velocity kinetic rounds, and what kind of projectile triggers the system.